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Processing for Progress (P4P) emerged from the power of small donations and a passion for positive change.

Merging technology with payment solutions, P4P helps businesses reduce costs while enabling customers to support local charities through transaction fees. This innovative approach transforms everyday transactions into opportunities for community support, creating a sustainable impact with every swipe,tap and payment.

How It Works

Guide for an Impactful and Profitable Business

Choose Your Integration

Easily integrate P4P with your existing payment system or opt for our advanced tools. Both options promise a smooth transactions.

Inform Your Customers

With every purchase, let your customers know that a portion of the transaction fee is helping a local charity.

Enjoy Savings and Make an Impact

Save significantly on processing fees and enrich your community. With P4P, your business operations turn into a force for good.

It's That Simple!

Embrace P4P and transform your transactions into pathways for positive change, proving that doing good is good for business. 

Tech Company That Cares

The Quiet Power of Purposeful Purchasing

Surveys have revealed a heartening trend: an impressive 70% of consumers are more than willing to pay a slight additional fee when they know that their money is going towards supporting a cause.

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Financial Efficiency

Improved bottom line through competitive processing rates.

Corporate Responsibility

Strengthen brand reputation by supporting community initiatives.

Customer Engagement

Attract socially conscious consumers who prefer to support businesses with a cause.

Always delivering quality solutions

For every transaction made, there is a family that makes them happy.

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