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Welcome to where empowerment meets compassion. Our platform is dedicated to supporting nonprofits like yours, understanding the challenges you face and providing the tools you need to expand, impact, and thrive.

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Empower Your Nonprofit with Tailored Technology Solutions

Join us and leverage powerful empathetic technology designed specifically to relieve the burdens nonprofits carry. Our goal is to help you streamline your operations, connect more deeply with your donors.

Exclusive White Label App

Optimize your business’s performance by incorporating Aux365 features into your brand.

Customized for Your Brand

Receive a personalized app that reflects your nonprofit’s unique mission and values. This tool allows your members to engage directly with your efforts, fostering a deeper connection and commitment.

Cost-Effective Technology

Eliminate the need for expensive development. Our platform saves you up to $50,000 by providing a ready-to-launch app tailored to your specific needs.

Engagement and Convenience

Enable your members to set up recurring donations, register for events, and stay updated on your activities, all within an app that carries your nonprofit’s branding.

What we offer

Technology Benefits on Our Platform

Integrated Communication System

Maintain seamless communication with donors and stakeholders through our comprehensive system, designed to keep your supporters engaged and informed.

Sophisticated Donation Processing

Facilitate donations with ease using our omni-channel options—tap, swipe, Text2Pay, virtual terminal, and Tap2Pay. We make giving convenient.

Visibility and Recognition

Be featured on a platform that cares. Your nonprofit will appear in a curated list of organizations for merchants and customers to choose from at the point of transaction, increasing your exposure and opportunities for support.

Simplified Accounting and Tracking

Intuitive tools for accounting and tracking to easily monitor funds, manage budgets, and report on your progress, allowing you to focus more on your mission and less on administrative tasks.

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Let’s unite to create an even greater impact. Partner with us to transform how you connect with your community and enhance your fundraising efforts. Contact us to learn more and to see a demo of the white label app in action.

Your journey towards a greater impact starts here! 

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